Alan J. Edwards

Alan J. Edwards founded Whitehorse Technology Solutions in 2004 with the core mission of providing exceptional, reliable and affordable IT support to small to medium businesses in the D.C. area. Alan started Whitehorse Technology Solutions because he believes that all companies should have access to a high level of professional support even if they are not a large account.

Alan has 15 years of IT management and support experience with a focus on integrated systems, hardware, networks, data security and disaster recovery. Prior to Whitehorse, Alan ran all of the IT systems for a large national mortgage finance company and was a Senior Systems Engineer for Tivoli systems focusing on small business networks. Alan also headed Technical Operations for Brother International in East Africa and provided IT support for the United Nations in Rwanda and Croatia-- under less than ideal conditions--in the mid 1990s. He has also worked for a small startup company writing voice applications for mobile devices.

Alan has an undergraduate degree in Physics and a Master's Degree in Teaching from University of Lancaster in Lancashire, England. He was born in Oxford, England and spent two years as a volunteer teacher for physics and chemistry in Nairobi, Kenya. Alan now lives in Falls Church, Virginia.