As a business owner this is something I have to consider.

There are two type of costs,

Soft costs and Hard costs.

For most of us, when questioned about our IT costs we only look at the hard costs. How much did the server cost, what do we pay the IT guy and maintenance on out line-of-business software. But for most of us, its really the soft costs that are much larger.

What are the soft costs?

  • Downtime
  • Lost Productivity
  • Security Risks
  • Staff Frustration Level
  • Helpdesk to each other

One of my tasks, when meeting with clients is always to try and see ways that these soft costs can be reduced. The nice thing is that if your know to look - these costs areĀ calculable.


  • Multiple Monitors Calculator
  • Hosted Spam Filtering Calculator
  • Internet Content Filtering
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery Calculator