I am very excited to introduce a new service that we are offing to existing and future members of the Whitehorse support community.

I am sure you are aware of our subscription services for on-site and remote technology support, data security and full website development. Well, I am happy to offer a new service available either as an add-on to the web development services or an independent investment if you are happy with your current website and developers.

Local Listing Service (LLS) is an offering we have been working on for some time now.

We all know about Google for finding a business, but there are many different sources that list local businesses and these are all indexed by Google. The problem occurs when it comes to getting listed on these sites. They all have protection in place to stop Business Identity Theft, this is good for protection, but means it takes many hours or even days to implement a single site’s initial listing, changes and updates to your business information.

We have a tool that allows us rapid access to multiple sites (35+ and counting). With that we can list your business, correct the current information (if any) and even post images, specials and coupons. For instance, do you have ‘Summer or Winter hours’? – We can update your listing to reflect those as needed.

Why we know this is such a great deal....

Cost Comparison:

The  Washington Post Whitehorse LLS
Readers/Unique Visitors 562,108 each day – not unique each day of the month. 150,000,000 unique visitors per month.
Setup Cost Whatever your advertising company charges you. $500
Initial penetration report Not available $100
Cost per day to run a listing $678 for a 2” color listing, single column for one day $100 per month
Learn more about our LLS Partners Click Here:
Purchase Options - you will be linked over to our secure purchasing site.
  • Initial Scan: $100 ($50 before the end of August)
  • Complete package of the initial scan, setup of your business information accurately on 35+ sites and as many updates over the year that you need. $500 Setup, $100/month maintenance with an annual agreement.
When you have recognized the great decision this will be for your business:
  • YES, I know that accurate listings so future customers can find my company is important, and YES I want to increase my website's SEO. The full scan is included in the package. Add to Cart
  • Just an initial scan please, I want to see how my business is listed on the internet. Add to Cart