Anti-virus and Anti-malware applications are extremely common, a quick Google search will produce a bewildering array of options. ( see here ).

For a business, there is one single, overriding feature that a home user never needs to have - Centralized Control.

If you have 1 computer, the question of; Is the antivirus running? Is it updated? Has it found anything it cannot deal with? are all simple to see - just look at your screen and you will see the pop-ups.

If you business has 5 computers in the office, or 50,000 around the globe the problem is much more complex.

That is where Whitehorse Managed Antivirus steps up to solve the problem.

We have a single interface at all times to manage all of your systems.

We buy licensing in bulk (usually 1000 end point licenses at a time), so our price to you is always competative.

It is never a stripped down, low end antivirus, BUT we do reserve the right to change it on occasion. We have used, and progressed past many manufacturers in the past. To be completely honest, all the top shelf brands and very similar in their effectiveness, but each has had its issues at one time or another with a version update or patch. Understandable as they business AV solutions are updated at least 4 times a day, most days.

We have used Symantec, McAfee, AVG, Panda and Kaspersky.

You only pay us a monthly fee, so you do not get stuck with 23 months to go on a subscription when the anti-virus manufacturer is having an 'off-year'. If we see that - then we move to another top shelf provider after appropriate testing and change your antivirus application.

This is normally included as part of our managed services offering, but is available upon request as a distinct option if you wish.

Just drop us a note and we will be happy to discuss the best direction for our organization.


We are aware that some people do not have the resources for business support, but still need an anti-virus.

Currently our recommendation for a free antivirus is Panda - Its fast, and accurate. This free version does not provide all the protection a full anti-malware suite offers, but it is much better than nothing. Get it here