The common misconception is that virus protection is just having a software from McAfee or Symantec installed on your computer. That is better than nothing, but only just and very far from what you should be relying upon for your business.

Business Protection is a 3 Stage Process

1) Stop a Virus getting in:

Email Scrubber:

These stop viruses and the majority of spam from even getting to your email server. More Info

Unified Threat Appliance:

Replaces the old firewall technology checking all traffic that passes into and out of your business. More Info

2) Stop the Virus from being able to work

Managed Desktop Antivirus:

A fully managed solution makes sure subscriptions don't expire, and threats are dealt with in a timely manner. More Info

Managed Automatic patching and updates

The viruses usually exploit a known flaw in the operating system or installed software. Keeping everything up to date makes most viruses impotent. More Info

User Accounts

Do not access the computer using an administrator account - a virus runs as you, so if you have access to everything, then so does the virus. More Info

3) Recovery

Online backup:

All data should be backup up securely, regularly and automatically. Do not use free solutions as you get what you pay for. Security of your data should be paramount to keep it from inquisitive eyes when it is off-site. More Info

If you need help setting any of this up, or are just unsure of your status, give us a call or use the contact form.